Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inching towards fall...already?

Now that we finally have red, orange, yellow and purple tomatoes weeks behind schedule, we have to start thinking about fall.  There are veggies to seed, a few more patches of garden to weed, and Feast of Fields to prepare for.  This year we are teamed up with Domus Cafe in Ottawa.

It should be an even better event this year because we get to bring vegetables to sell.  So not only do participants have the chance to sample tasty treats from excellent Ottawa restaurant chefs but they can also pick up their organic veggies for the week! 

Seeding that has yet to be done: spinach, arugula, Swiss chard, radishes, bok choy, and I have to check if there's still enough time for another planting of kale.  The squashes are looking incredible!  Our carving pumpkins went in way too late and have done nothing due to the drought but the pie pumpkins should be as delicious as last year's crop.

I was really bummed throughout June and July; this is a really hard job.  Our bodies take a good beating, the stress of having to produce is overwhelming, and being dependent on the weather is becoming more and more ridiculous as the overall climate changes.  I watched Food Inc. not long ago and saw how food is raised and grown on a commercial scale.  It was frightening.  The sad thing is, most people don't care.  If they do care, then why don't we sell more at the market?  We always have lots leftover that goes into the compost, if not to the food bank first.  There's lots of competition for us - organic vegetable growers keep popping up all over Eastern Ontario but all of our produce combined still wouldn't be enough to feed everyone.  So what is everyone eating?
Not this!
Luxy green beans at the Metcalfe Farmers' Market
 Zucchinis & pattypans
 Our friend Steve helping out at the market
 'Purple Haze' carrots
 'Music' garlic - so juicy! 
Come on out and support your local producers!  It might be a bit more expensive but that's the cost of supporting sustainability, your local economy, and a much tastier product!

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