Friday, August 19, 2011

Garlic Planting & Feast of Fields

We plant garlic in a few weeks that will be harvested next summer. Jonny has been researching the best price for seed stock. We love the variety we've grown the past two years, called 'Music'. We're considering trying a different variety as well, but in the end, it's the soil that really defines the taste. Jonny stumbled upon this article and read it to me, reassuring me that even the most experienced farmers go through hard times and consider throwing in the towel.

Alan Cowan on growing and selling garlic in Ontario:

A lot of the growers got frustrated and quit there, a few years ago. Because the prices were so low, they were bringing it in by China, by the boatload. But now, this 100-mile diet thing. Consumers love to buy local. They like to know the grower, they like to know where the farmer came from. So demand is up. There have been disease pressures too – the nematodes and that – there have been crop failures. So, supply is down and it's almost a seller's market, a perfect storm, really.

You think you know everything and mother nature will throw something at you. Like, there's so many variables, because you plant it in the fall, and all the way through. Like I said, it's either too hot or too dry, or too wet or too cold, or whatever! And you dig it up and then it rains and there's fog, and it molds. It's character building! It's not for everybody.
A week ago I said "I'll never do this again!" I was feeling kind of sick and down and the workers didn't show up, and it rained on this field of garlic. And the garlic festival was coming up, and I was overwhelmed. I said "Why bother?" But a day like today, that's rewarding.

From North Country Public Radio News

But alas, we'll keep on farming until we can farm no more. The great thing about having a partner is that they are there to get you back on your feet when you're down, and vice versa. I could never do this alone! I also have to learn how to keep certain complaints to myself, like "My knees/back/hands/legs/head hurt(s)." Cause something always hurts and Jonny doesn't need to hear about it everyday.

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