Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Begins!

It's hard to believe that summer is officially here.  I'm still waiting for a proper spring to happen!  Our seedlings have had quite the beating so far this year.  Spring was cold, wet, and long causing their delicate stems to stretch and potentially become weakened as they searched for sun and warmth.  Since transplanting the seedlings outside, we've experienced a bit of a drought here in St. Albert.  The tomatoes are looking limp and we've even lost some ground cherries, zucchinis, cucumbers and squash.  Sunday night, we took the watering cans to the field and hand watered 440 tomato plants, and hundreds of cucurbits, replacing what we could with the leftover transplants we had in the greenhouse.

Unfortunately, the corn is too far gone but luckily, we have enough time and seed to replant and try again.  I'm also making a second attempt at reseeding cucurbits.  And of course there is the usual seeding that must be done for succession planting, which includes broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, kale, carrots, and beets.

Our 5000 onions are turning yellow at the tips but are hanging in there!  Without water, growth is very slow.  It's hard not to become discouraged or even depressed when the weather acts unfavourably but the show must go on!  We still have until July 15th to keep planting.

We just invested in an irrigation system which should be arriving soon.  The weeding is still under control and the leafy vegetables look great.  Not all is bad.  In fact, some things are great!  Including the inspection we just had with Savour Ottawa.  The inspector was very impressed with our operation and said we have his "high recommendation".  We are officially local to the Ottawa area!  I'm looking forward to our fancy trading cards and promo material that comes with the membership.

It's time to get back at it!  Happy summer everyone!

We covered the arugula with row cover to keep the flea beetles away but it went to seed before we got a chance to harvest :(
 Selling seedlings at the Metcalfe Farmers' Market on Saturdays

Inside the greenhouse
Basil and eggplants being watered by the drip tape irrigation system inside the greenhouse.
 Delicious Luxy Lettuce!
The carrots and broccoli are coming slowly but surely.
 Row cover on the cucurbits to the left, ground cover under the tomatoes to the right - pest and weed control for organic farmers!
 Newly transplanted cucumbers
 If only they still looked this good!


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