Saturday, May 7, 2011

Another Saturday Night in Luxy Land

It's the first Saturday in May, and I'm currently sitting by the fire listening to cheesy wedding song requests for Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap on CBC.  If only I had known the topic this week - I would have sent in a request for the song I walked, or rather strutted, down the isle to: Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys.  As you can tell, I'm not very traditional.  I even surprised myself by wanting to get married.  Still, no one could have convinced me that wearing a white poofy dress (costing a small fortune, I might add) was a good idea.
Ah, now here's a good song: White Wedding by Billy Idol.  This always reminds me of my bother-in-law; I first heard this song coming out of Gid's mouth when we were all rockstars living together in Toronto.

I digress.  My intention this evening, was to update readers about the progress of our greenhouse.  And what progress we have made!!!
The main pieces of plastic are up and hopefully we'll have the ends attached within the next couple of days.  Just in time for more crappy weather!  The season marches on and all we can do is wait for the fields to dry up so we can get in with the tractor and cultivate.  Our seedlings are exploding out of their tiny cells searching, alongside us, for more than a glimpse of that magnificent sunshine.  One thing I can be happy about is that it's still light out at 8:40pm!

Ok, I've listened to this show two, maybe three times tops and I'm hearing Rasputine for the second time!  How come I haven't heard any Daizy Lux?  I've sung at many a wedding.

And back to my intended topic...
I'm hearing from other Farmers in our area that everyone is in the same boat; it's just too wet to get out there and plant.  This season, yet again, is full of surprises.  Last year, our squash and melons were already peaking out of the soil at this point with daytime temperatures in the 20s.  We haven't even bothered planting the squash because of the low nighttime temperatures; the seeds will sit and rot in their cells.  The year previous, we were enjoying temperatures in the 20s but again, there was too much rain and too many cold nights.

I've already learned a couple of things I will put into practice for next year:
  • Plant celery and celeriac (otherwise known as celery root) in March, in trays on heat mats.  These crops like warmth for germination and take roughly 120 days to mature.
  • Wait until April to plant peppers and eggplants to save money on oil for heating the greenhouse.
Oooh, Randy just played Best of My Love by the Emotions, one of the songs I'll be performing with my band in Ottawa next month!  If you're in the area, come see us at Maxwell's on June 16th!  We're called the Electric Company and we'll have you dancing like it's nineteen-diggity-two!

Here's the greenhouse - almost finished!
Thank you Jeannine, Michel, Mario, and Christine for your help with the plastic!  Is was quite the task getting those two layers up in the rain.  We were all covered in mud and chilled to the bone by the end!
We appreciate your help!!!

Tomorrow morning I will be selling delicious stuff for the Swiss Farmer Bakery at Landsdown Market.  I'll be there from 8am until 3pm.
Happy Mothers' Day everyone!


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