Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ma-Ma-Ma-My Tomato!

While Jonny's off trimming the hooves of our neighbour's cows, I've been seeding tomatoes.  I started first with the heirlooms: Cherokee Purple and Black Krim.  The fruit is large, purple and juicy.  Absolutely delicious.  Then, I did the beefsteaks: Big Beef and Country Taste.  These invoke visions of warm summer days, blazing BBQs, juicy local beef burgers, and big slices of fire engine red beefsteak tomatoes covering the entire circumference of the bun.  I seeded two types of Roma tomatoes, great for slicing and sauces; 3 types of smaller plum tomatoes, perfect for salads; two types of yellow pear tomatoes; three types of both black cherry and red cherry tomatoes; and the infamous Sun Sugar, an orange cherry tomato that tastes like candy - no lie.

I also did a whole tray of ground cherries.  Lovely garnishes or simple snackers, these tiny fruits are a unique treat our market customers love.  I'm looking forward to the market!  The early mornings are a bit of a challenge (we harvest the leafy greens at 5am, pack up the truck, then leave the farm at 6) but I love seeing regulars and getting a chance to do my own shopping.  The Metcalfe Farmers' Market starts May 7 - the theme is 'Mothers' Day'!  I'm not sure if our seedlings will be big enough to bring at that point but we'll be there to shop!  Luxy Farm will definitely be present in June.  We're planting early crops especially for the market.

Come on out and get your Mom something local!


The manure in these planters is at the bottom of the bed
to keep the soil above warm.
 Eggplants, up close and personal.
 Peppers in our sunroom.
 More seedlings in our sunroom - we're running out of space!

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