Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Luxy Farm featured in Healthwise Ottawa!

Check us out on pages 6-10!

The planting is going well - tomato seedlings will be started tomorrow.  Luckily, they have nice weather in which to germinate!
I visited my family in southern Ontario this weekend - was it ever warm!  I even got a bit of a burn on my arms and face.  That was my last trip away from the farm for quite a while!  The seeding from now on, will be quite continuous and then we'll be out in the field in no time.  And then we will have NO TIME!  That's when the family and friends have to come to us.  This is a tough business but it still doesn't really feel like work - that romantic notion of life in the country hasn't worn off, thankfully.

We still have a few CSA spots available.  Get onboard while you still can!


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