Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Firsts

Well, it's my first full winter here on Luxy Farm.  Last year, I ducked out for two months to work in Toronto.  I was going stir-crazy by December and jumped at the opportunity to return to the big smoke and my old life as an urbanite.  Now, here I am, trying to build my first fire of the season (and failing but not ready to give up), halfway through December, happy to be staying here.

We've only just experienced our first big snowfall in Eastern Ontario.  Jonny cleared the lane-way with the tractor for the first time yesterday.  I mean not to gloat, for those of you trapped in your cars on the highway in the southwestern part of the province.  For once, my hometown is waist-deep in the white stuff and considering calling in the military for help, while we're moving freely through a few centimeters.  We managed to get the skeleton of the greenhouse up before the snow but haven't had the chance to throw on the double plastic layer that will protect our little seedlings from the cold.  We're crossing our fingers for a day where the wind won't blow our plastic away, sometime before March.

In the meantime, Jonny is milking cows for the neighbour and I'm working for our local Swiss bakery.  We're finding time in our schedules to go to the gym regularly (gotta stay in shape for next season!), take the occasional trip to Toronto to see our friends and family, play music, make minor renovations on the old farm house, get caught up with the regular domestic duties that are over-looked during the busy spring/summer/fall months, and plan for the 2011 CSA.  I'm almost ready to send out the brochure with all of the details, so shoot me an email if you're interested in receiving one and not already on my mailing list.

We have big plans for the new year.  Not only will we have our very own greenhouse up and running (fingers crossed), we'll also have a bigger garden (2 acres+) and double the number of CSA shares available!  This means, we'll need an extra body (or two) to help with the workload.  I'm banking on another season of gorgeous weather.  

Back to playing music - I joined a band!  Look out Ottawa music scene, you haven't heard the likes of Daizy Lux!  (I'm bringing back my rockstar name for the stage.)  You have a few months before this funky disco party has enough material to light a fire under your dancing shoes!  (Speaking of which, I finally got the fire going - success!)

I pulled some tomatoes and peppers out of the freezer, which I added to the crock pot yesterday.  I'm almost through our supply of carrots and onions.  We only have a few squashes left but the freezer is stocked full of local beef, local organic chicken, and venison, which was hunted by my mother-in-law's friend.  We received a call one night, "Do you like deer meat?"  and a few hours later, my kitchen had been turned into a bloody butcher block, jagged chunks of venison strewn about the countertop.  That venison was also added to the crock pot yesterday and the result was an aromatic Moroccan stew.  Jonny argued that Morocco doesn't have venison but it was delicious, none the less.

After more than four months of eating directly from the garden, I feel sick to my stomach walking through the produce isle.  I can barely look those grocery store vegetables in the eye!  They look so sad and flavourless.  I've been spoiled and it is so hard going back to my old ways of relying on imports but I can't live without veggies!
New Year's Resolution:  Spend more time preserving the bounty.
We did manage to freeze, along with the tomatoes and peppers, pumpkin purée, arugula pesto, cherry & Roma tomato sauce, and butternut squash soup (which is already gone).  Next year, I'd like to have enough in the freezer and cupboards to get us through the winter, with that last few items disappearing as the new crops become edible.

One last note; Jonny and I will be attending the Living Locally Fair in Russell to promote the CSA.  Come visit us on January 22, 2011, from 9:30am until 3pm and check out the other local vendors and their great products.

Have a great Christmas, everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Stay tuned for info regarding the 2011 CSA...


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