Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riding Another Heat Wave - Surf's Up!

After weeks of cool, wet weather, we have entered another period of record high temperatures, blazing sunshine, and a daily humidex of between 40 and 45.  Extreme weather warnings suggest that we stay inside an air-conditioned building, drink lots of water, and avoid physical exertion.  I have been drinking lots of water and iced mint tea but there's no way to avoid physical exertion when we have so much to do!  Weeding is excellent in this weather because the plants are too hot and dry to re-root themselves.  As for the air-conditioning - in a hundred-year-old house like ours?  HA!  I'll just have to make an excuse to go to the mall at some point.  I am, however, taking a very long lunch today and will be making a green Thai curry with peas, cheddar cauliflower, kohlrabi, and kale, all from the garden.  That's why I'm still here; we eat like kings.

Yesterday was our second delivery day.  On week #1, we worked in the rain which made for a muddy first harvest.  We started early in the morning yesterday, to avoid mid-day wilt.  The veggies looked great - the only things wilting were Jonny and I.  We splashed around in the kiddy pool briefly and gave Gina a cold shower.  Mary Lou and Django could be found sprawled out in the shade.  Again today, we started out early to get some work done but by 10am our t-shirts were soaked with sweat.  That kiddy pool is looking really nice right now.

My dad and step-mom, Brenda, were here last week for a visit.  They helped us out tremendously by picking berries (that otherwise would've been eaten by bugs), weeding, and cooking for us.  My fridge is stocked full of jellies, jams, and syrups now, thanks to D & B.  Come back again soon, please!

Our moms have also been by to help with the weeding.  Ima is tireless and did a fantastic job on the peppers and corn.  Mom was out there with me at 7am cleaning up the lettuce and celery rows.

There have been a few animal sightings as of late; a black bear was spotted in the garden 3 weeks ago, around 5 in the morning.  Yesterday, we saw a deer very close to the barn and today I shooed a groundhog out of the peas.  Adorable as they are, I have to now look at these creatures as potential pests.  I'm thinking of making a scare-crow.

Anyhoo, must head back to the field - we're still staking the tomatoes and there's a ton of weeding to be done.  I desperately need to get more seedlings into the ground but must wait until the forecast calls for rain, so as not to kill the poor little things.  Stay cool everyone!

Staked Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes


Basil Cinamonette

The heat might actually turn the peppers red this year!

The peas are exceptionally small this year - they can't take the heat!

Massive kohlrabi - awesome in stir-fries.

Our first head of cheddar cauliflower!  Who's hungry?

Baby Brussels Sprouts

Raspberries conveniently growing beside the path out to the garden make for a sweet mid-day snack!

Hot Dog

Lazy Cat

The Dug-Out


  1. We had a fantastic time on the farm with Jonny & Daizy & Ema & all the critters. And thanks to their hard work all year planning, planting, weeding and tending, we ate like kings the entire week. I don't believe I've ever experienced such an exotic variety of flavours in vegetables.
    Thanks again guys ;-) D&B

  2. I had this Kale soup at a restaurant in London this past Thursday. Thought it would go well in your future boxes with Kale, Potatoes, garlic & onions

    Portugese Kale & Potatoe Soup

    3 small onions
    3-4 garlic cloves or scapes cut small
    2 chilis
    5-6 medium sized potatoes
    1 bunch of kale
    salt as desired
    mint (optional but yummy)
    lemon zest and juice
    vegetable stock
    1 sliced chorizo sausage (optional)
    Cook chilis, garlic, onion in olive oil in a soup pot.
    Add sliced chorizo if desired.
    Add potatoes and stock or water (based on desired quantity 4-6 cups)
    Simmer until tender
    Add kale, lemon zest and simmer for 5 minutes
    Add lemon juice just before serving.

  3. That sounds delicious! I will definitely try that when the potatoes are ready to be uprooted!

    Thank you!!!