Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're well on our way to a beautiful crop of vegetables!

Hello CSA members and friends,

The garden is thriving, thanks to an early heat wave followed by the rain and cool spell we are currently experiencing in St. Albert.  We've transplanted most of our seedlings already and are now waiting for the much-needed rain to clear up in order to finish.  Left to go are the tomatoes, potatoes and herbs.

One unfortunate incident occurred last Wednesday evening, after the temperature reached a record high of 40℃!  After struggling to plant beans with sweat dripping in my eyes, we decided to call it a day and went inside for popsicle relief.  A few hours later we came rushing out, as thunder roared over the little red farmhouse, to save our seedlings from the rain and hail.  We didn't realize the magnitude of the storm until we were safe back inside, staring out at the blue fork-lightning.  That's when we saw our giant tree lying only feet away from the front porch.  The next day, we found two more trees lying across our garlic and onions in the garden, completely uprooted.

Luckily, our fabulous neighbours stopped by a few days later with chainsaws and beer (a great combination) and we hacked away at the trees until the mess had been cleaned up.  Thanks for your help Gid, Clare and our wonderful neighbours!

There is still plenty of garlic and onions to go around.  The sweet corn went in yesterday.  We are covering up our cucurbits with row cover, but seemingly not fast enough - the cucumber beetles have found us already and are snacking happily on the zucchinis and squash.  Jonny was out there on all fours squishing bugs between his thumb and finger.

Our Swiss chard looks great and the brassicas are getting big!  Expect to see three different kinds of cauliflower in your boxes this year; Cheddar, with a smooth domed orange head; Minuteman, with your typical white head; and Veronica, an unusual lime-green, spiked Italian Romanesco - decorative and delicious!

We are aiming for the CSA program to begin June 29/30th, as long as the weather continues to cooperate.  Less than four weeks to go!
Happy June everyone!

Casualties of the storm
 Trees on the garden
Unscathed garlic
Seedlings getting big in the greenhouse
Lots & lots of seedlings
Cuddle-break with Mary Lou


  1. We are so looking forward to tasting fresh local produce! Keep up the great work!