Sunday, March 7, 2010


Welcome to March and the beginning of our planting season! After a long and unusually mild winter, we headed back to The Amazon's Garden this week, to start our seedlings in the greenhouse space we are renting.

The sun cheered us on through the translucent plastic, leading me to believe that this growing season will be better than the last. Jonny and I kissed the tiny black onion seeds before tucking them into the compost-rich soil, as if to invoke good luck. In 7-10 days, we should be greeted by baby seedlings erupting from their warm and cozy beds.

Planting vegetables isn't unlike rolling the dice and hoping for that lucky #7; we can water, feed, and nurture our plants to the best of our ability but the determining factor will always be Mother Nature and her strange mood swings. Last year her tears flooded the fields; her flea beetles made swiss cheese out of our bok choi; her cool weather encouraged the spread early blight throughout Ontario, which bruised the tomatoes and made their foliage look as though it had been set on fire.

But these are the risks we take as farmers. Despite the misfortunes of our last growing season, we still managed to produce an abundance of the most delicious bounty I have ever eaten. And so, I am hopeful and excited for spring as it fast approaches, for each day that is longer than the one previous, and for the story of Luxy Farm to unfold.

Our Return to The Amazon's Garden
Taking turns watering the onion beds
Come on lucky number 7!
Gina, keeping us company in the greenhouse and enjoying 18°C weather in March
New babies (all of which will remain nameless this year!)
Happy Farmers

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