Friday, March 12, 2010

CSA Memberships Now Available!

You may be asking yourself, what is a CSA?

To put it simply, Community Supported Agriculture is a program where the farmer produces sustainably-grown food for a predetermined number of shares which are purchased at the beginning of the growing season. CSA members receive their shares on a weekly basis, benefiting from the bounty and also sharing the risk of uncontrollable factors that may affect a crop, such as too much rain (think of last summer), unforgivable pests (Colorado potato beetles, oh my!) and disease. (Remember your tomatoes last year? Those brown spots were caused by late blight.)

No, last year wasn't a fantastic growing season at The Amazon's Garden (or anywhere else in Ontario) but we still managed to deliver 30 boxes a week, stuffed full of fresh vegetables that tasted better than any produce shipped from Mexico or California.

Our goal at Luxy Farm is to acquire organic certification for our vegetables by 2011. Currently we are in transition, meaning that we have been following the practices and procedures of a certified organic farm, and must do so for three consecutive years before being eligible to apply. Despite the weather last season, we had fantastic results from our soil and expect this season to be an even greater success.

How members benefit from this model:

  • You know exactly where your food is coming from and the farmer who grew it.
  • Your carbon footprint is minimized because your food is being produced without chemicals and doesn't need to travel very far to get to your plate.
  • You are supporting your local economy and keeping small farms on the map.
  • You get to eat freshly harvested vegetables that just TASTE so much better!

How farmers benefit from this model:

  • Funds are available at the beginning of the season to help with start-up costs.
  • Farmers have the chance to connect with their community and the people who are eating their food.

Luxy Farm Memberships Include:

  • Fresh local chemical-free vegetables harvested the day of your delivery, starting in late-June until early-October (16 weeks).
  • Weekly email reminders regarding delivery/pickup.
  • Weekly newsletters with crop updates and recipes.
Membership Commitments:
  • Pay for the season in full or in 2 installments.
  • For farm pick-ups, bring your own bags to collect your share.
  • Organize with friends, neighbours or family to collect your share if you are unable to do so. You also have the option of donating a share, delivered by us, to the Good Neighbors Food Bank in Embrun or the CCS Foodbank in Casselman. We require advance notice in order to make arrangements with the food bank staff.
  • Share some of the rewards and risks of the farm, by benefiting from the abundances and making do when crop yields are low due to weather, disease or pests.
  • Keep an open mind to occasionally trying new or different vegetables and eating in season!
Share options (choose one):

  • $400 share – To be picked-up at Luxy Farm on Wednesdays, between 4pm – 8pm.
  • $440 share – Home delivery in Casselman/Embrun on Tuesdays, between 5pm – 8pm.
  • $500 share – Home delivery or designated drop-off in Ottawa on Tuesdays between 6pm – 8pm.
  • $400 additional share – For a family of 5 to 7 people.

payment options:

  • Full amount – cheque dated for the current month.
  • 2 installments – half on one cheque dated for the current month, and half on the second cheque post-dated for June 1st, 2010.
Please contact or (613) 987-5302 if you are interested in joining our CSA and would like an application form. We have a limited number of shares and encourage you to sign up ASAP.

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