Monday, February 15, 2010

How the city sparkles

Last year, I was desperate to get out of the city, so I moved to the country. After farming ended and winter set in, I started feeling like a prisoner of Eastern Ontario, shackled to my broom. Now that I had only a few shifts a week at the local fine-dinning restaurant as a waitress, and plenty of time to clean the house, I realized two things; that I need full-time work to keep myself busy/sane; that a century-old house never gets clean.

The frustrated city girl in me wanted to break out! And so I jumped at the opportunity to work in Toronto for 5 weeks. I couldn't wait to get back to my old stomping ground! The grass was definitely greener on the other side, as I had imagined. Toronto had a pathetic amount of snow and felt like the tropics, compared to the hard winds and biting cold I had been experiencing out here on the farm.

I had a fantastic time working for the wine agency and keeping myself busy with friends and family. I got to catch up with some of my musician buddies and hear their terrific new bands, The Tristones and Sound One. Please, check them out if you can! I also spent lots of time with my siblings. Thank you Amy, Marty, Gid, Clare, Mel, Jeff, Ben, Smegal, Trish, Renee and Maya for providing me with shelter and some really nice meals. The door to Luxy Farm is always open to you.

Warren, a wonderful comrade from my Fanshawe days, had his 30th birthday extravaganza at The Drake. I'm always amazed by the sea of scantily clad individuals that drown a Toronto nightclub despite the -20°C windchill. The quest to dance half-naked to over-produced pop music after waiting in line for an hour on a Saturday night has always bewildered me. That's why I'm too country for the city, I guess. The next time I see Warren, he will be wearing rubber boots and a straw hat. If you help me weed, dear friend, I will sing Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu covers to you until the sun goes down - I promise!!!

As fun as couch-surfing and clubbing can be, the country began calling to me once more. By the end of week 5, I was itching to get home to my own bed (or was that from bed bugs?) and missed my kitchen, not to mention my beautifully supportive husband and adorable animals.

Speaking of animals, poor Jezebel had to move out. She and Mary Lou would not get along, and Jez, being intolerant of the other animals, had to go. Fortunately, it all worked out splendidly! My friend Trish lost her calico of 15 years in December (very sad) and turned out to be the perfect match for my stubborn little meow-face. The best part is that I can visit both of them whenever I want!

As Jezebel headed back to the city, a scruffy black and white stray showed up, cold and absolutely voracious. To keep him from tearing the garbage apart, Jonny fed him. Since then, he has adopted the mud room as his home and is now a part of the family. Our new kitty is called Django.

Yesterday, Jonny and I attended a CSA workshop held by Justfood in Ottawa. It has inspired us to get our act in gear and start planning for the new season. It's finally time! I'm so excited to get back to my dream-job! Jonny, who had been scouring through seed catalogues for the past few weeks, got our order in today. In two weeks, we'll be back in the greenhouse but this time with our own seeds and our own ideas - as renters, not apprentices and forever students of mother nature.


Home Sweet Home
Our newest addition to the Näf Squad: Django!


  1. hey daizy! i'm so glad i got name-checked on your blog - i feel super special! i can't tell you how great it was to see you when you were 'down south' for your winter break. i miss you tonnes but when we finally do get together it's always a great time. i look forward to visiting you guys this year and i promise i'll seed, weed, hoe and harvest to your singing anytime. lots of love, warren

  2. You deserve honourable mention, my friend! It's ALWAYS a good time with you. Can't wait to see you on the farm!!!