Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Storm Hits Eastern Ontario

'Tis a blustery day in St. Albert, not unlike the conditions of most of the province today. El Niño's wedding gift to us on November 14th was a daytime high of 14 degrees, knowing somehow that I'd be adorned in toeless 4-inch heels, a semi-strapless dress and thin pashmina as my only defence. It was the gift that kept on giving, right into December, which was green albeit wet...until now.

It's being reported that we'll receive 5-10 cm of snow with winds gusting at 43 km/hr. I can hear the wind whistling around me as I type, while ghostly thumps, knocks and clanks creep up from the basement of this old, decrepit house. We're keeping cozy (me, Gina and the cats) but I can't help feeling slightly unsettled as I'm still getting used to being somewhat remote, and the view from my window indicates that I'll have to pull out the tractor to empty the laneway; not to mention that there's a 15-minute drive on snow covered, country roads before I come in contact with someone who can make me a hot chocolate. I really appreciate the city's convenience in times like these. Ah well, I could be in Nunavut. (Sorry Karen! I'm thinking of you today!)

Gina and I went for a quick frolic this morning to investigate what we're up against here.

Bundled and ready to go!
I captured the disappointment on Gina's face as she gazed into her snow-filled bowl.
The laneway at 9:30am

She likes to take mouth-fulls of snow while bounding though it.
Hibernating Tractors
Corn stumps under a blanket of snow.
Wind-swept Gina!
Snowy Face!
4 hours later and it's still snowing! I hope everyone is warm and enjoying the view out their window!

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  1. Apparently Southern Ontario is going to get hit today. It always happens-we get Aunti 'Leen and Gramma to Christmas Eve and then we have to fight the good fight to get them home in the blizzard. Have a MERRY MERRY Christmas Daizy!