Saturday, November 28, 2009

Greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Näf of Luxy Farm!

Hello All!
We've finally decided on a farm name! Not only did Luxy Farm get the most number of votes but I wasn't ready to be rid of my fabulous surname forever without passing it on to something of equal or greater fabulousness! And so, the farm becomes Luxy and I become a Näf.

Jonny and I were married on November 14th in Toronto. We kept it small due to the fact that we're saving for our farm business but it was loads of fun and we appreciate everyone who contributed to our special day.

Currently, we are both working part-time jobs (unrelated to farming) and really want to get our business plan underway...any day now! It's hard to decide where to start because there's so much to do. First, we have to get that row cover off of the arugula before the snow hits. After our departure from The Amazon's Garden, we didn't get much done at our own farm except for a quick sweep of the land with the Bush Hog and the spreading of dead leaves to protect the soil from winter. I can't believe we still haven't had any crazy frosts and it's almost December! I thought for sure our last crop would be mush by the time we returned home from our two-week Toronto vacation. However, it's still there and will make a nice arugula pesto, if I ever get around to harvesting it! Next, I will have to hunker down with my computer and start creating spread sheets while Jonny organizes our environmental farm plan so we can apply for grants.

My other winter activities will consist of singing in a Christmas choir, writing new tunes, renovating the old farm house, and learning French so I can fit in with the locals. It's incredible to think that only a year ago, I was making the tough decision to leave my familiar city life to become a country girl. Now, I can hardly imagine being anywhere else.

The Näfs welcoming me into the clan
The siblings
Productivity at it's finest!


  1. you two are nuts.... by the way how old are you?
    last time I seen Yoni jump like that...he was 10 years old....
    love you both my Meshidena kids....

  2. congrats on the wedding! i was wondering when it would happen. best of luck with everything and keep on posting...i love reading your adventures.