Sunday, August 9, 2009

Harvesting 101

On Thursdays, we harvest for the CSA in the morning, pack the boxes and by 5pm are on the road to deliver our fresh veggies.  Fridays, after harvesting in the morning, we head to the Maxville market for 3 until 7pm.  It's a small market and fairly steady, even in the rain.  There are approximately twelve vendors and we are the only ones with organic certification.  The first week we went to the market was in June and the garden still hadn't produced enough for a very exciting table.  Our table looks fantastic now, with all of the different colours, shapes and sizes of delicious produce!  YUM!

Our first day at the market wasn't a great success; all we had were peas, swiss chard, kale and lettuce.
Our presentation is much better now!

I sat on the side of Route 900 yesterday, hoping to sell our surplus right in front of the farm.  I made $6.  A lot of people honked and waved but that was about it.  One lady stopped and asked for corn.  We didn't plant corn in our garden because it's a large plant and leaches a lot of nitrogen from the ground.  Christine only planted some for the CSA.  Next year we'll plant enough to entice people to stop at my road-side stand and hopefully they'll buy whatever else I'm selling too!
Jonny and I eat a lot of vegetarian meals now.  It's actually quite easy to make vegetables exciting, even for someone learning to cook, such as myself.  Last night for dinner, I stuffed patty pans with a delicious rice filling mixed with sun dried tomatoes, olives, caramelized onions and garden garlic.  (The stuff from China doesn't even compare!)  Accompanying the baked patty pans were my beet and potato salad peppered with fresh dill, Jonny's tomato and cucumber salad with goat cheese, and a sprig of parsley.  My next mission in the kitchen is to make zucchini bread for the table and freezer.  Anyone have a good recipe?
By next week, we should have a mountain of tomatoes to sell.  Thanks to the cool weather and rain, the tomatoes are really late this year.  The few that I have been able to harvest are so sweet and juicy, unlike any tomato I've ever tasted before.  I'll never buy another tomato from Mexico or California again!!!

Stay tuned for more organic gardening adventures with Daizy and Jonny...

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  1. Rob and I just read your post and are in agreement that A) you are adorable and B) we are totally jealous of your lifestyle!!!! We harvested radishes, one little turnip, and a fistful of herbs from the greenhouse today... doesn't really compare to your glorious garden-to-table adventures.