Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Coming Soon: Butchering 101

Today was interesting.  It started out very relaxed; I washed the vegetable harvesting bins we'll use tomorrow while Jonny strung up tomato plants in the greenhouse.  Later, I worked away in the greenhouse planting more cucumbers and Jonny continued the endless weeding.  We moved the extremely heavy potato washing machine into the greenhouse with the tractor because we plan on digging up a bunch of new potatoes for the veg boxes tomorrow.  And then we slaughtered two chickens.  I took lots of pictures and helped very little but learned a lot.  Christine's niece was very helpful, surprisingly calm for a twelve-year-old, and called me "the paparazzi".  I guess the word is the same in both languages.  We ended our evening in a fine dining restaurant drinking the local beer (Mmmm Beau's!) and an Ontario Pinot Noir.  I ate duck and Christine's niece ate chicken.  

I'm home now and need to get some sleep for our long day tomorrow of harvesting, packing and delivering veg boxes to customers in Ottawa, Casselman, Embrun and Limoges.  Please stay tuned as the next blog posting will feature my thoughts and feelings about the home-slaughter, along with some great shotz of the stars themselves.  I wonder what we'll be having for lunch tomorrow...

Guten Nacht!

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