Saturday, June 20, 2009

A quick visit to tha citay

I'm back in Toronto for the first time since I left four months ago.  My mom is here and I'm hangin' with my sisters for less than 2 full days.  Short but worth the travel.  Obviously the city looks the same and I still know how to get around on the subway but I'm realizing that my time here as come and gone.  It's still such a magical place; the Now Magazine is stacked with shows I'd love to see, there are so many stores I would love to wander through if I could afford even a look, and all my peeps are just a token away.  I love to people-watch and drink over-priced lattes on hipster patios, ride my bike through a cacophony of honks, screams and middle fingers to the sky, and sing karaoke under the influence of pint after pint at Hurricanes.  And somehow the sparkle of these misadventures has become a bit dull.

The weird thing is, I feel even dirtier here than I did in the country, covered in dirt.  The subway is full of snotty-nosed people (myself included) replacing limited air with bacteria, cars on congested streets are replacing oxygen with exhaust, and there is little green space to clean it all up.  But I haven't even left Scarborough yet.  Maybe I will be sucked in by flashing lights, glistening martinis and sweet smells of any ethnic food you can imagine this Saturday night, and Jonny will have to come rescue me from the writhing tenticles of the all-consuming city.  Jonny, get out your hacksaw cause you might be coming to town!

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