Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh, how she grow!

Giant asparagus is tasty.  Especially when you can eat it minutes after having been picked.  There really is something magical about eating the food you grow.  Do you know that commercial where the farmer says, "This ain't no romance novel, it's just a sweet potato."?  (Actually, he says sweet "patayda"  and probably isn't a farmer at all.)  Well, being an idealistic (and possibly delusional) city kid in her first season of farming, I find it all to be incredibly romantic.  I'm more intimate with mother nature than I am with my own fiance!  Ok, that's not true.  But sometimes it feels like it when I'm covered in bugs and have earth coming out of every orifice! 

Even Gina gets a little romantic once in a while.Our wise mentor is definitely a romantic - and even after 30 years of farming.  Her enthusiasm amazes me every day.

And here's another romantic, making it happen in a land far, far away called Nunavut.  Thanks for visiting the farm, Kate Nova!  The carrots we planted will grow!  Good luck with the greenhouse!  Check out her blog Port Town Ghosts to read about her Arctic adventures (find the link above).  

That's about all the time I have right now.  Days are getting longer and all of a sudden we have to be in 5 places at once.  The vegetable box deliveries were supposed to get started this week but with the cold weather, we've had to postpone our first delivery for a few more weeks.  That doesn't mean there isn't weeding, cleaning or cultivating to be done!  It just means that our plants are a little smaller than they should be by now - except for the asparagus!

Daizy Lux  

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  1. you're cute! I miss you!
    thanks for the fabulous farm time!