Monday, May 4, 2009

April showers have brought me flowers!

My sister
Mr. Chipotle
Potato Prince
Happy May everyone!
The earth is warm and we've been outside planting!  Today we sowed peas and fixed wooden steaks in between the rows, which will become trellises for the peas to climb. Previous to this enjoyable task, we picked rocks - not quite as enjoyable.  However, I got to drive the tractor, which made my day!!!  We planted cucumbers, squash and melons and now the greenhouse is overflowing with seedlings.  Everyday the plants look bigger, the lambs look stronger and I feel even more grateful for having been given this chance.  My farmer hands are coming along quite nicely; they feel like sandpaper, are speckled with slivers and starting to get calloused.  Jonny's farmer tan is definitely still better than mine.
My Rockstar friend Valery Gore (check out her new cd on itunes, Avalanche to Wandering Bear - AMAZING!) and her fiance Joel came for a visit and took some excellent photos of our farm, some of which I will post shortly.  THANKS GUYS!  After a deliciously organic breakfast at Chez Lux, I took them on a walking tour of our 120ish acres with Gina and Mary Lou trailing behind.  Later, we went into "town" (blink and you miss it) for poutine at the famous St. Albert cheese factory where the tastiest, and squeakiest, curds are made.
We had other guests this weekend, too.  It was a birthday extravaganza for Jonny's brother Gideon and Gid's fiance Clare.  Thanks for coming party people!  My sister Melissa joined in on the festivities Friday night - a little too hard.  She came with us to work the next morning where she helped to plant one tray of squash and then passed out on the floor of the greenhouse for three hours!

This week, we'll continue working the land outside and preparing the seed beds.  We will also furtigate in the greenhouse by adding ground up kelp and fermented salmon to the seedlings for a nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium boost.  At home, we're planning on sowing peas and oats to grow as a green manure.  The peas require an inoculant (peat moss plus a bacteria) which works symbiotically to produce a nice crop.  We have a lot of machines on the farm (don't ask me what they do) but the one we need to sow our seeds is broken!  Hopefully we can rent or borrow something from the neighbours.  In the meantime, we'll get our land prepared by running the disc through it to break up the soil and weeds that are beginning to grow.
Next week we get our onions in the ground!
Woo Hoo!!!  


  1. Daizy! That all sounds so delicious. I wish you both all the best with your crop this year and a big thanks to farmers everywhere for feeding us. You Rock!!!

  2. Oh my god, that dog is amazing. And so is Mr. Chipotle! I love all animals! mooooooooooi to animals (that was a big kiss)