Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vacation is almost over!

I quit my office job on a Friday, in February. We were on the plane to London, Monday. By Thursday, we had become experts of the Tube and had moved eastward to Switzerland; the land of cheese and chocolate; the place where Jonny was born. I finally met the family I had been hearing about for 5 years! Aunt Ruth does indeed have the same laugh as me (as the Naf brothers have been telling me since the first time we met) and is one of the sweetest people alive.

The Swiss are really kind people. Not once did anyone 'cheers' me without looking me straight in the eye and saying my name! The folks at Lonely Planet say the tradition is derived from the superstition that one will be cursed with 7 years of bad sex for not doing so.

The Alps are too intense to even talk about! All I can say is that skiing in Ontario or Quebec will NEVER be the same. Sitting above the clouds as we did, was majestic. Maybe I'll find solace in the snowy peaks of the Rockies someday. Jonny's super-awesome cousins were fantastic hosts on the slopes and around the fondu pot.

The architecture is fantastic (yay stucco!) and the water is fresh and tastless, as it should be. Cheese was consumed for breakfast, lunch and dinner and chocolate almost to the same extent. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd definitely consider moving there and learning that crazy language. Jonny's fluent in Swiss German and didn't mind translating but luckily, most people know a bit of English, so it wasn't a problem. Jonny proposed to me in Thun's City Hall Square, which is laced with my favourite stucco structures and the fantastic Thun castle, and bedded on cobblestone. I love Switzerland!!!

This trip gave me a better perspective of how young Canada really is and a greater appreciation of how much space we have here! I've been out of work for a month now. Two weeks of travel and now two weeks of cleaning and organizing the farmhouse just isn't enough time! I need more to get this place in order! However, we start our agro-education on Monday, which is actually quite exciting. Our journey begins in the greenhouse at Amazon's Garden in Moosecreek at 9am. Stay tuned!


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