Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Home Home on the Ranch of Luxy

Since I arrived at the farm almost a week ago, I've consistently been waking up around 7am. It's like my body somehow knows that I'm going to be a farmer before I can even wrap my head around the concept. Unfortunately, getting in shape doesn't come as naturally to me as the circadian rhythm. This morning, after squatting over the stove for 5 minutes to build my fire, my legs were burning, my back started to ache and I became a little angry for having to hold that position for so long. HA! That position is going to be my new meditative stance for the next 6 months! I hope I get used to it. Otherwise, Luxy Ranch is going to have a very grumpy weeder!

And now, to introduce the family;
Meet Mary Lou, our smokey farm cat.
Jezebel is my designer calico, somewhat reminiscent of Picasso's Rembrandt Figure and Eros.
Gina is the Zen matriarch of the household, keeping the kitties from scratching each others' eyeballs out!

Two days ago, Gina and I took a stroll out to the field to admire the sunrise. Even in winter, with everything frozen solid, this place is the most beautiful Eden I've ever lived.


  1. Your farm is pimping, with it's couagar print and modern art!

    I'm glad you're getting used to being an early riser. I want to hear about your trip soon!

    I hate squatting. I've never been able to do the squat like other girls...

  2. Yes, I shall speak of the trip soon, my little grasshopper. Come squat on my farm for a few days! We can practice together!
    Love you Valery Gore, Rockstar Extraordinaire xox