Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farm Names

We're still trying to decide on what to call the farm. Here is how the votes were cast:

3 for Luxy Farms
3 for Little Foot Farm
2 votes to keep the name Sabra Farm
2 for Flavour City Farm
and 1 vote for Ready, Set, Farm!

We also received the following suggestions:

Tasty Business Farms
The Jonny Lux Ranch
Uncle Pickle's Organ Farm of Tasty Neat Beats
O-Farm: Thunders in Th' Crops
Luaf Farm and Hair-styles
Luna Farm
and Phat Phree Phood Pharm

Thanks everyone! We'll keep you updated...


  1. Hey LuxyNaf...

    Keep meaning to post to say I'm reading and looks like you're having fun and I'm wishing you the best and all that jazz. Love you lots