Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goodbye Toronto, Hello Rural Eastern Ontario!

We're here! And officially residents of St. Albert, the cheese curd capital of Canada!

The ground is covered in ice but you can feel that spring is right around the corner - and that means work! Until we can stick our hands in the ground, Jonny and I will be spending our days unpacking boxes, organizing the farmhouse, taking care of TWO cats and a dog, and reading our Canadian Organic Growers magazines.

We spent the day at a conference in Cornwall. Eco Farm Day educates farmers and farming enthusiasts about growing organically and gives people the chance to network, learn new techniques and eat some delicious, organic food. Our first conference was last November in Orillia. We learned all about the CSA (Community Shared/Supported Agriculture) model and met some cool people that we keep running into at the JustFood workshops we've been attending all winter. JustFood is an organization dedicated to first-time farmers and farmers new to the area/climate. I had no idea any of this existed until 6 months ago! Check out the websites at the end of this post for more information.

The red farmhouse I call Luxy Ranch is about 100 years old, dusty, infested with dead flies and lady bugs, and my new home! My city-kitty Jezebel has two new furry friends who came with the house. Mary Lou, a cuddly grey farm cat and Gina, the sweetest mutt you'll ever meet. Jezebel is finally settling in but still growls and swats her razor-sharp claws if the others get too close. She's still an absolute suck with humans and doubles as a really cute scarf.
Jonny has done a great job setting up the essentials - our computer and the Wii. I've unpacked and arranged my clothes. Why do I own more clothes than I can wear in a month? I'm the perfect example of my generation's obsession with buying cheap items made to last only until the next fad hits. The Disposables. Things will change soon enough when any money I have left will go towards the purchase of rototillers and circular discs instead of pencil skirts and ghetto-fabulous sunglasses.

Jonny and I need some help. No, I'm not asking for money. I'm asking for your opinion. We need a new farm name. Jonny's dad called his enterprise Sabra Farm, after his mom. Either we keep the name or give it a new one. We have a few names up our sleeves and need the input of brilliant minds as we are new at this whole running-your-own-business-thing.

Here are the contestants:

1. Luxy Farms (following the same concept as Sabra)
2. Little Foot Farms
3. Ready, Set, Farm!
4. Flavour City Farms

Post your favourite and help us name our business!!!


Eco Farm Day
CSA Conference
COG Magazine


  1. I like Luxy Farms or Flavour City Farms.
    Welcome to blogosphere D-bird, I look forward to reading your many adventures! xoxo

  2. Monkey, I love either Little Foot Farms or Luxy Farms. You could always name the farm, and then "nickname", if you will, the house.


    I can't wait to read all about your adventures...and to eat our delicious food!

  3. The Blog Idea is brilliant, Daizy-Beam, and collecting votes on a farm name will generate feedback, and a sense of continuing involvement with friends and fam. I'll choose "Flavour City Farms" because you know it's run by Canadians, eh, and "City" pays tribute to the place where it all began.
    I am so very proud of you, Daizy & Precious Jonny!! Congratulations!!
    ~Love, MummyDupps xoxo

  4. "Ready, set, farm" is definitely the best. (I laughed out loud and I think it really stands out)

  5. Ready, Set, Farm is really cheesy. Like so cheesy, this is the cheese curd capital of cheese, cheesy.
    You should call it tasty business. Its good luck, you might just win a tv because of it.

  6. It should be called Jonny Lux farms

  7. Thank you for the input and KEEP IT COMING!!!
    Jeff, I definitely pitched Tasty Business to Jonny (yesterday, in fact) but he kiboshed it. "Making business tasty" would have been our motto, fo shizz.

  8. From Shawna in Toronto:

    I'm liking Luxy Farms...sounds sexy and contemporary which two young city farmers need, plus it will look hot on the little lables for the fruits of your labour. Sabra Farms is nice too, so if you want to keep it for the sentimental factor, at least it's a good name.

  9. From Maya in Toronto:

    My vote for names is #2. Little Foot Farm.

  10. I think it should be either "Uncle Pickle's Organ Farm of Tasty Neat Beats" or "O-Farm: Thunders in Th' Crops".

  11. Or, "Luaf Farms and Hair-styles"

  12. Little foot farm i think is best, i'd buy a CSA from a farm with that name

    Good Luck in your new adventures guys


  13. From Janet in Toronto:

    Daizy doodle!
    What a tough choice for a new name!

    While my soul is fed by change and innovation, I still hold
    true to honouring history and tradition.

    I would therefore vote for a name that included Sabra.
    1) Sabra Ranch
    2) Sabra Lux Ranch
    3) Sons and Daughters of Sabra Farm
    4) Sabra's Sons and Daughters Ranch
    or some such thing.

    Good luck sweetie! Whatever you come up with will be perfect.


  14. Live and Learn Luxy Phat Foods Farm! Yeeha!

  15. How about Phat Phree Phood Pharm?

  16. Actually that was dads input!

  17. Ima suggested Luna Farms; take Lux-Naf, subtract the 'x' and 'f', then squash 'em together. I thought that was pretty good.