Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome farmers, friends, hippies and urbanites!

I was born and raised in suburbia.  At 19, I changed my name to Daizy Lux and moved to the big city to pursue a career in Rockstardom.  
Here I am, 8 years, a jazz music diploma, many bands and a few recordings later, moving to a farm in rural Ontario with my partner Jonny and my kitty Jezebel, to start an apprenticeship on a neighbouring CSA (community supported agriculture).  
And someday, we'll have a CSA of our very own!

I decided to start this blog to capture the trials and tribulations of Jonny and Daizy's Farm Adventures, so that future 1st-generation farmers can learn from our mistakes - and I know there will be many!!!
I also want my city-slicker friends to keep in touch and know exactly what they're getting into when they decide to vacation (and I really mean work) at Luxy Ranch.
So please, if you have any tips or secrets you want to share about farming, adjusting to country living or improving my chord progressions that reach beyond 2-5-1, post 'em here!

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